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Few things get me as worked up as seeing ads for “wulong tea helps you lose weight.” (Using the word “blog” instead of the word “post” does, however, make me even more upset. You have been warned.)

First, let me state that yes, tea has been scientifically proven to help with any number of health issues from stroke risk to teeth strength to ADHD. I grant all of those uses. I get that some people want a pill, drink or magic wand to cure themselves, instead of choosing a healthy diet and lifestyle. I don’t like it and like even less how marketer’s abuse it.

I don’t think you should drink tea for the health benefits. I won’t sell you tea just to serve this purpose or that. At Felicitea, we’ll sell teas that “help” with those things, but I don’t make promises. There’s a reason the FDA won’t let you say those things, my reason however is simpler – it’s just ridiculous and, in my mind, a bit immoral.

Yes, I’m calling out part of the tea industry. Especially the people who sell tea for weight loss.

You know what will help you lose weight? Cutting out liquid calories. Replaced all of your soda, mochas and over-sweetened juices with water, black coffee or unsweetened tea, and magically you will lose weight. Why? Because you just cut out extra calories.

Here is the great secret of weight loss*: Consume less calories, burn more calories.

Stop drinking soda, stop pouring two teaspoons of sugar into your tea cup, stop putting full cream in your coffee and stop consuming artificial sweeteners that mess with your bodies food directives.

Drink tea because it is delicious. Eat food because it is satisfying. Listen to your body, don’t eat for any reason other then hunger.

But don’t expect a magic pill, cup of tea or spa treatment to change your body.

The only person who can do that is You.

*For most people. I have struggled with weight issues my whole life, so I understand that it’s not *that* simple if you have health issues that effect your weight.


4 thoughts on “tea for weight loss

  1. My friend Robbie, who is pretty obsess and yet pretty good at keep track of his health, once told me his strategy on weight management. Since both of us were in a very demanding major in college, and must stay on tiptoe at all time, he suggested me to use caffeine to balance diet between meal. Black is great, but for both of us who enjoy creamy delight, he would use skim, but I cannot sacrifice the silkiness of coffee so the lowest I can go is half-n-half which I am rather comfortable with, we also prefer Splenda and never believed the pink and pastel blue packets.

    But I never know if this really works; and from your opinion, tea sounds like a better choice; however, I generally prefer floral tea rather than red or green. Wonder what you think?

    • Tea is better for focus. I’ll write a post about it soon, but if your concern is being on your game, I’d go with tea any day. If you just want to wake up, they make coffee for that. (That said I enjoy Both, for taste, not b/c of any content.)

      I’d recommend Chai if you want that creamy mouth feel. I love it with raw milk & honey or raw sugar. Sugar & cream are not bad – just not meant to be consumed in large amounts.

      Next time your in Charlotte, we’ll have to get together and taste some teas. My bet is you don’t like green tea is b/c you’ve had it made incorrectly. Ive got a large supply of options on hand that you might find you like.

      • That make great sense, I love coffee very much but I avoid drinking them during the summer non-school season because simply I drink them too much during school.

        And of course, the crash is never fun; and I fear the shaky hand more than the lack of concentration, since most of my days are gluing tiny pieces onto models…

        I do like tea in all spectrums, and yes, you guessed it right, Chai is my prefer choice; and I do keep track with the Alton Brown tea brewing theory, but is the French Press really a correct choice? I usually use a Chinese ceramic tea pot with an internal strainer.

        Sugar is evil, but does Splenda really suppose to work as they claim, made from sugar tri-sec-pot-structure-thingy that human cannot absorb?

        Oh, and I did try out one of your tea sample last year from the TweetUp at Cans ^_^

    • I understand the shakiness – I can’t be shaky either since my days are spent touching people.

      I don’t trust Splenda. Chlorine is chlorine, bonded or not. Aspartame make me deathly ill, so I avoid the stuff like the plague. I am constantly reading labels on things… I trust sugar, straight sugar or honey – at least I know where it came from and it isn’t some lab.

      French press is my preferred tea making method, and it has nothing to do with AB (though I ❤ him). It really is the best way to make most teas in my opinion. But, hey, what do I know?

      Glad you got some at Twestival. I'll probably do the same this fall. 🙂 Got really positive feedback from it.

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