I love to go places, explore new and old, discover all those little corners of life that we don’t always think about.

I visited a girl friend who lives in Chelsea. We went to the dog park,
an amazing Indian place for dinner & this adorable little cafe. I did none of the NYC “stuff”. I thoroughly loved that visit.

I had a similar trip to see friends in Boston a few years ago. While I did get all philosophy, UU-geek about the trip to Walden Pond, mainly we shopped, ate food in little places and just hung out. I have a wonderful impression of that city as well, and I look forward to going back at some point.

I love to see cities how they’re lived in. I love to see places as the people who live in them see them. That’s where you see the real love, the real city. It’s why I fell in love with Charlotte, and have remained giddily thrilled with it each day since. (My love affair with the Queen City is a different post though.)

Not to say I don’t enjoy a good vacation. I enjoy exploring all those little tourist places too. I grew up in Lancaster, Pa, Amish-tourism center of the world (or so it seems). One of my favorite high school memories is exploring Dutch Haven, this tourist trap on Rt 30 with my girls. We had so much fun. But I’m left the awareness that tourists can be rude, insensitive and painfully slow (NJ, I’m looking at you). So, I try to do it with sensitivity.

On my way home from WV this past weekend, I was reminded of how much I love traveling. The experience of being on the road, the radio cranked up so loud I can’t even hear myself singing along, somewhere to go and love waiting for me when I get there. I adore going places, enjoying every single minute I get there, and the trip home.

I love airports too. I know, so many people don’t, but I do, despite having traveled enough not to. The people, the stories I tell myself about where people are going to and coming from, imagining what it’ll be like when I arrive – it’s all fantastic and delightful.

I just want to be on the road, moving, seeking and seeing and enjoying life as it comes. I enjoy Charlotte thoroughly as well. I love it here, exploring and sinking in my roots as deep as possible. This place is Home. But, I love going somewhere else, then coming home just as much.

So I’ve made myself a promise to get out of town at least once a month. I don’t have to spend lots of $$, I just want to wander around, talk to the locals and drink coffee from the local shop.

This Tuesday I’m heading to Greenville, SC. I was there a few years ago for a weekend trip and have wanted to explore more since. A friend is letting me tag along a she goes down to work. I plan to poke my head into little stores and explore the city and play in the splash park. I can’t wait.

There’s a possible road trip home in a couple weeks, that I am hoping works out. My sister’s baby shower is a big ol’ picnic at the park with family, grilled chicken & corn on the cob, and we’ll be playing horseshoes. I want to be there so bad.

I’m heading to the beach with my dear friend Des in September, as well as a relay race I’m hoping work in VA with friends.

I’m aiming for a day or two in Asheville to see friends in October. November looks like I’ll be facing down my fear of the ocean… Plus, I’ve started putting out there that I am willing to travel to do massage for events & teams. The universe is slowly granting me chances for this, so I’m excited as these things come to fruition.

I’m excited. The world’s a big ol’ crazy place and I can’t wait to see it.


7 thoughts on “Travelin’

  1. Your travelin’ jones resembles mine in a lot of ways. Thanks for sharing, especially the part about being a UU-geek.

    It took me 20 years to see Charlotte as the folks who live here see it – I was missing my Home in the West terribly all that time. I still do miss it, but this is, for better or worse, Home for now.

    • My love story w/ Charlotte goes up in a post tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it, but I understand that feeling. It’s how I felt before we moved here. I now know how it feels to pine for something. πŸ™‚

      I was a Thoreau fan long before I was a UU, but that made it even more awesome. But it did make the Boston trip even cooler then it would have been. My friend’s work was near the first church. That was cool to see.

  2. This is fantastic and you are right. My best trips are the ones where I avoid the touristy traps and try to live like a local. My husband hasn’t adjusted to Charlotte yet…he has yet to see the beauty. But it’s coming. Every trip we make to Washington, DC makes him more disillusioned of “home”. Although, that is a fun “live like the locals live” area. Especially if done right.

    Looking forward to the Queen City post. I actually can’t believe I am saying this, but just now reading Walden. It’s been on my bookshelf for years.

    • Good times to be had if you young enough to pretend to be a college student in Georgetown. πŸ™‚

      Queen City post is up…. Walden is great. Being there was a dream come true.

  3. Airport is a huge social spectacle of the modern time. Despite it might be the very last place that 98% of human population would rather be, I enjoy being at the terminal. “Why?” you might ask, “I enjoy aviation, and most of the time when I have to visit the daring place, most likely I will be going to somewhere other than my own bedroom.”
    Furthermore, I enjoy the mask of the airport; its simplicity hiding its overly complex operation beneath its skin.
    It is also one of the few places I would actually visit the bookstore just for the sake of killing time (because amazon has made my book collecting habit too damn easy, and you know the bookstore usually will not have what we like to read anyway…)
    What else, oh, Helvetica, yes, I said it, Helvetica. One of the few frontier where minialistic graphics application actually seems appropriate in public places in the free country.
    Speaking of observation, especially airport terminal, regarding to our immediate surrounding, chapter two of my recent read on Alberto Perez-Gomez “PolyPhilo” pretty much said it all. It is perhaps one of the most elegantly written text on people watching and architectural observation within the terminal.
    I do love driving, but I really wish I can skip the interstate; generally, I would prefer to drive on solo, so I can, just like you, play whatever tracks I like and as loud as my ear drums are not bleeding. However, driving with someone you love is a completely different story, either there are things to share or a moment of silence two person, the open road suddenly becomes a romantic backdrop.
    Speaking of which, before I stuff up my car with endless amount belongings to New York, I must complete a journey which I have been dreaming of since I purchased my car two years a ago, a day up the mountain, revving my V6 pass 3000 rmp on the blue ridge parkway!

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