scooting around my mind

Time is my most precious commodity. There’s so much to be done, so many amazing people to talk to, work on and be with. I am one lucky lady to know so many awesome, brilliant people. I am deeply grateful both for the awesome work I get to do and the amazing people I am friends with and get to work with.

I also deeply prize my time alone, inside my own head, with out work to do. Now, to be honest, I work hard and it’s likely that nearly anything can start my brain racking at some new idea. It can, at times, be a challenge to get my brain to stop when I’m by myself.

Yet, I’ve found one thing that clears my head entirely: scooting.

See riding the scooter requires your full attention. Even with experience, you’ve gotta be on the ball. Crazy people will try to pass you, people pulling out won’t see you, and pot holes could take you down if you hit ’em the wrong way. When you are on the scooter there is only one thing you can do safely – drive.

It’s a great way to transition. I get to work ready to work. I arrive at meetings, the last thing far from my thoughts. I pull up to see a friend, happy to be there, un-distracted by work.

I especially love long drives. The breeze on my skin, the pure sense of speed (I go up to 55mph comfortably), the constant physical awareness of my self, the road & other cars. I could scoot for hours.

It’s my space – there inside my helmet, the miles passing beneath my wheels. I’ve clocked nearly 2,000 miles in the last five months. All of them silent, calm, and happy.

I sing in there. Lifting my voice to old favorite’s or old Girl Scout camp songs. No one can hear me when I’m going 50mph and singing Amazing Grace, and no one needs to. It lifts my heart.

Scooter time is me time. Me, the scooter and the long road rolling out before me with all the cool air a girl could need. It’s where I think, where I sing, and where I get back in touch with my center.

All of which gives me peace of mind.

(That’s not me in the picture. It’s my roommate when she was borrowing my scooter. She looks awesome on it!)


One thought on “scooting around my mind

  1. Nice! I just bought a quotable candle from City Art Works, and it sits on my desk for me to see everyday. It reads:

    “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” – Unknown

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