CLT @ 5am

(photo credit: John Picklesimer)

I had a long night at Amelie’s Bakery working on stuff for CLTwestival. I knew going in it was going to a long night, so when someone suggested Amelie’s at 1am, I went for it.

I’m glad I did. Aside from getting (some of) what I wanted to get done, done, I got to see a view similar to the one above on my way home.

I have seen the Queen City in so many lights, from so many angles, and while part of my heart aches for all the wasted electricity and light pollution, the part of me that is human and desires advancement & power sings when I see the city I call home lit up against the clear, cobolt sky.

Lights were on, surely some folks in early to work. Few cars were out, but the last late night train was passing through. The morning was cool and misty, just this side of muggy. I loved the feel of the chill moistness pushing against my skin as I scooted home.

And that view of humanities conquest over gravity & fire, lighting up the morning sky, pinpricks of electric lights saying “we are here!” cleanly against the dark – that sight made it worth the sleepless night.

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