To me freedom means having relationships with people who see you, know you and love you for who you are, with whom you can simply exist. Freedom is feeling known & safe in that knowing – just being on the same page.

It’s doing only the work that I choose, never pointlessly stocking a shelf or filling in an excel file. It’s doing it when & where I choose, be it on my bed at 4pm or at Amelie’s at 4am.

To me, freedom is telling my friends and family how awesome and beautiful they are to me, saying “I love you” to my friends, and being so damn happy these people are in my life.

It’s also knowing where Home is, that I can (and will) leave to travel the world, but that Charlotte is where I’ll spend most of my days and always come back.

Freedom is knowing that no matter where my life goes, it will follow my dreams, where ever they may lead, and I will be happy.

(This seemingly random blog post is brought to you thanks to Sarah Von @ yes and yes.  And I ask you her same question: What does freedom mean to you?)


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