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Chair massage is the hardest part of my job. It’s normally exhausting because unlike when a client is on the table, you have to push a lot more and you’re moving around a lot less. It is often the least favorite thing most therapists do. Yesterday I gave more chair massage then I ever have in a single day and I came away very happy.

A while back I volunteered to go give free chair massage, all day, to the lovely folks attending SoFresh here in Charlotte. This was done out of love – partly for the organizer, who is a good friend, and partly because I enjoy the social media people.

I only attended the keynote and Spike Jones’ presentation at the end of the day. These were the two I was interested in because of my business size but I found both Armano & Jones’ presentations useful and insightful. (I’ll write more in-depth about what I took away regarding business later this week.)

(photo credit: the amazing Armando Bellmas)

I spent the rest of my day within reach of my massage chair. I got to see several regular clients as well as meet some wonderful folks I’ve only gotten to know online or heard about through conversation. It was a delight to see so many people out learning about business and social media.

I had a wonderful time talking to people and hearing about the projects they’re working on and the speakers they enjoyed. It’s always a joy to spend the day with folks who are happy to be where they are. My special thanks to Spike Jones for taking a few minutes from his socializing to reaffirm some things I was thinking about.

I was physically exhausted at the end of the day, though it didn’t feel that way until I was all cleaned up (and nearly tipped over stepping out of the elevator). I am very glad I was there to help out, give a few minutes of relaxation to folks, and participate in an awesome event.

I also got to see and hear a lot of the behind the scenes work over the past months, as well as during the setup and day of. Both Jason Keath, the organizer and idea man behind Social Fresh, and Katey Dietz, the organizer of the volunteers, handled things beautifully.

They both tackled things with aplomb and when there were small issues they were dealt with calmly, clearly and, from what I could tell, to everyone involved’s satisfaction. There were surely little fiascos (there always are with these things) but everything came along smoothly and I heard only good things from the folks attending.

Jason has plans for expanding to other cities, and doing another one here in Charlotte, possibly focused on small business. If you weren’t able to make yesterday’s event, keep an eye out for future events. I’m excited about the new people I met, the ideas I heard floating around and to see where SoFresh goes from here.

And I’m looking forward to the next one in Charlotte – no matter whether I’m giving massages or not – I want to be there.


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