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Brought over from facebook. Everyone was posting this particular status… I needed to make more comment then just copy-pasting it into my status.

I absolutely agree no one should die because they don’t have health care or go broke because they get sick. I’ve got $35k in medical debt – AFTER medical insurance. And I might have died without it.

Now I can’t get insurance for less then $1400 a MONTH, if I can get approved for it at all.

40% of my income gets saved for taxes b/c I own a business. I pay another 7% + for nearly all I buy in NC. Almost HALF of my money goes to the gov’t already.

I have paid to build roads to nowhere, trolley tracks that will not run trains for 3 years, and to cover every single thing taxes pay for. I cover your children’s education, the gov’t’s payroll and to pave your streets.

I bust my ass seven days a week, I work hard, and I have a chronic illness that once upon a time cost nearly $1k in meds alone PER MONTH. That’s $12k a year in MEDS. I actually take home less then that now a days (oh the glamorous life of the self-employed.)

Because I can’t get insurance, when I had a flare up last year and couldn’t use my hands, I had to pay for doctor bills out of pocket. I still have to. In fact, I can’t afford important medical tests I need now to make sure I stay healthy.

WHY do I not deserve health care? I make the world a better place day-in and day-out and I pay a ton of money to make this country run, make your life easier and do it with a smile because I know it’s the right thing to do.

How can you possibly think, for one iota of a second, that *I* don’t deserve health care?

This is not about insuring some unknown persons, some mass of humanity that isn’t working hard enough to secure their own insurance. This isn’t about socialization of our nation.

It’s about ME. Here. Today. Tomorrow. Making sure I can work. That I can be healthy and alive and keep working hard.

It’s about me.

Do you see why it’s important now?


5 thoughts on “On Health Care

  1. Sometimes you just need more than 140 characters!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your situation, and it’s true. Dropping people when they have an illness, denying care due to pre-existing conditions, or else just jacking up their rate to where it’s simply unattainable is just plain wrong.

    And I’m also greatly upset by the fact that some people don’t even want this conversation to happen. They either take too much money from pharma, or they have an axe to grind with a certain elected official or political party.

    At the end of the day, this isn’t about politics – it’s about lives. And in this day and age, people deserve to be cared for. All of our industrialized allies can do this – why can’t we?

    I believe in a public option because I think it provides necessary competition (I don’t see anyone claiming that USPS is encroaching on UPS and FedEx), but I can see how that might worry some.

    I just don’t understand how the status quo can be seen as acceptable to anyone. How is discrimination against a person’s health ok?? How are (never-ending) increasing premiums ok?

    Just sick, the way some try to derail this conversation and mislead with these enormous lies and mistruths, and the others so “committed to the cause” of opposing a party or political individual that they allow themselves to become mouthpieces for the same industry that’s crushing Americans and making record profits doing so.

    • The USPS has been a private company since like… the 70’s.

      That aside, I agree. Of course.

      I JUST want to be able to get regular check ups. I do everything I need to to prevent flare ups, and eat right and work out and do the right things.

      But still, when I got sick this week? I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. What if it’d been strep? I’d be on my way to dying already.

      I just want to be able to go to the doctor, get my blood panels done, and make sure my preventative care is working.

      I do not think that’s too much to ask.

      • Well, they’re sort of independent and sort of government. There’s no Cabinet level position or anything, but 9 of the board positions are appointed by the POTUS and confirmed by the Senate. Then those 9 select a Postmaster General, and then those 10 select a Deputy Postmaster General.

        So it’s not really “private,” either. More info on the specific laws that set up the USPS here – http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/39/usc_sup_01_39_10_I_20_2.html

        But with *that* aside, yes, totally agree. 🙂 And at a very, very (verrrryyyy) minimum, I do not understand why we couldn’t at least have something to cover regular check-ups.

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