I learned a lot of things from being a Unit Leader at Girl Scout camp. One of the best things was how to schedule a week, hour by hour, for 20 kids and 4-5 counselors. You have to plan in work time, play time, goal time, time off, and travel time between activities. A brilliant prep for running life outside of camp too.

I’m not a huge fan of routine. I’ve learned that I struggle inside of routine, but that it’s a helpful guide for me. As long as I know the primary goal of the time, I can work on something applicable.

A few years ago, while working a full-time marketing job and going to college part-time (6-9 credits a semester), I had this schedule I worked out. I set out the hours I had in a week, color coded them – class, travel time, chores, sleep, homework, free time. Found out I only had eight hours of free time a week! But within that schedule, I could work on whatever was applicable at the time, so I could move around within the constraints of my schedule.

I’ve recently started working on a similar schedule for myself with new categories such as tea, training, massage, knitting, free time & etc. Without my scooter, things need to be even more organized so I can plan transportation to and from places. It always allows me to monitor/limit the amount of time I spend online at Twitter, Facebook & on my RSS Feeds.

I know that I function best within a highly structured schedule, with the freedom to do whatever needs to be worked on within that structure. This new written out schedule, with the help of gCal to help keep me on task, will hopefully help me work better and, I hope, less, allowing me more free time to do the things I want to do for fun – including have more personal time to spend on projects and with friends.

How do you keep your life on track?