A Moment

Taking a moment to breath on Friday night.

That’s me, right there, on Friday night.

By the coffee cup in my hand and the fact Jeff’s standing by me, I can tell you that it’s later in the evening.

I’m not even sure what the name of this building is, I just know it’s next to the roofless building and all the people I want to see on a Friday night are here. I’m there to party with my friends before barcampclt, celebrating the community we have and share.

My roommate is standing not far away, talking to friends. Jeff & Josh have recently arrived with Julie, who I only met in person tonight but tripped, literally, over someone to hug hello to I so excited to meet her.

I’m drinking a latte, that my friend Brent has kindly made me, (If you even get the chance to have one of his drinks, do yourself a favor, don’t pass it up.) despite the hour, knowing full well I’ll be up late and I’m tired.  You would be too, if you’d spent your day doing consulting and being interviewed for All Things Considered.

Taking a new icon picture for @maggiehyde

In a minute, when I finish my coffee, I’ll go join several of my closest friends who are wandering around, making the rounds and meeting and catching up.

My lovely Maggie has cut and colored her hair, and caused me to stare in shock, amazement and awe at her gorgeous new self.

One of my best friends, Des, is somewhere, taking a break from her own media blitz , telling her hilarious stories, looking gorgeous and accompanying Olga, who’s handing out free massages.

I’ve already hugged Scott, Chris, and a dozen other friends. I’ve touched at least a dozen more hands and given several hugs of greeting. The room is full of people I know from online mingling with people who’s purpose here is unclear to me.

Later, I’ll head outside and be in the right place, at the right time, to watch a dude break dance on top of a crazy-ass car. I’ll talk to Carlos about moving the Felicitea office to Area15. I’ll stand in the rain and talk health care with the tallest man at the party. Even later, I’ll sit in a friends truck and hear a story, then go to a bar and trade a few more over a couple of cans of PBR.

In a second, I’ll turn around to watch James taking pictures and Brent making coffees before I take a step forward to rejoin my friends.

But right now, I am standing still. I am watching someone sing or dance or talk. I am smiling as the people I love and the people I like and the people I want to get to know better all mingle, laugh and live out loud together, spilling life out into the cold, damp night.

Right now, I am taking a moment just to take it all in. I am happy. I am alive. I am having one of those nights you don’t forget about. I am here, in the moment, enjoying every second of it.

Note: All images by James Willamor, the much talented photographer for cltblog. You can see all the barcampclt pre-party shots he took here.

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