Rule #2: Eat Good Food

(This is the second post explaining my Rules for Happiness. Check it out to see all the rest!)

You are what you eat.

Literally, your body is built out of the things you consume. The eye balls your looking at this with? Built from the same molecules that used to be in a carrot. Or something.

So if you eat crap (fried foods, fast foods, etc) then your body will be built out of those sources. You feel sluggish and heavy? Maybe you should cut down on those trans fats.

I’ve hear all sorts of excuses on this one… good food is expensive, hard to find, etc. That’s the easy story people tell themselves as to why they don’t do a little looking.

Regarding price: if you eat better food, the less of it you need. Really. I love food – I do. I am willing to spend resources on good food because I know I need it to be healthy.

I used to have health issues that crippled me – I was “completely disabled” for over three years. Nearly bedridden for a while.

You know what the biggest change I made was to improve my health? I changed my diet to as much local and organic products as possible. I
cut out processed sugar, artificial colors and flavorings, high fructose corn syrup, as well as reduced my dairy & gluten intake.

My friend Natalie has a saying, “Cheap food is neither.” If it’s cheap, it’s probably lacking nutrition and thus depriving you of the reason you’re eating it. I’m of the mind that if everyone ate good, healthy food – as much local and organic as possible, we’d spend a whole lot less on medical costs.

Think of it this way: if you want to be healthy, and health is a big part of happiness, you have to eat good food so your body has all the nutrients it needs to be happy.

Eat Good Food. Just do it. You’ll be happier. I promise.