Rule #4: Be Deeply Grateful

(This is the fouth post explaining my Rules for Happiness. Check it out to see all the rest!)

In a way that makes me feel kind of like a broken record, I’ve been saying recently, “I am grateful for every day I get.” I am. For every moment actually. It’s been a wonderful world I live in lately.

It wasn’t always like that. I was sick, devastatingly so. I was angry and disappointed and my marriage disintegrated – and I’m not sure which one precipitated the other there, even looking back. I used to hold on to the one thing that I had. I was alive. I was breathing. The sun had risen on another day.

But I was determined to be grateful for it.

And that changed my life.

I’m fairly certain it was always a wonderful world. Today is even more so; I am currently exactly where I want to be, doing exactly what I want to do, solidly on the path to where I want to go. I am surrounded by people who love me deeply, who I feel the same way about, and who I’m certain would take the world apart piece by piece to protect me. I’ve got a lot to be grateful for.

But the interesting thing about being deeply grateful is that it requires that you go deep. Deep into yourself and your past. It demands happiness for the good things in your life, all the way back.

I am grateful for all the good & bad things that have happened that have made me who I am. I am grateful for all the mistakes I made and learned from. I am grateful for the mistakes other people made that led them to share their lives with me in this wonderful city. I am grateful for how much I miss my family, because it means I love them. I am grateful for my fear because it pushes me to excel and work harder.

Take the world, find the silver lining in everything, and wrap it up around yourself.

Life is a wonderful place to be. Be grateful for it.


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