On Starting Your Own Business

When you start your own business, you will have to work harder then you’ve ever worked in your whole life. You will have to bust your ass and ask questions you have never asked before. You will have to do things you don’t like, don’t want to do, but know is best.

You will have to focus, market and push push push in a way that is painful.

You will feel like you’re failing a million times a day, at first and maybe for a long time. It’s possible you feel that way because you are failing a million times a day. THIS IS NORMAL.

Failure is good. Failure, in fact, can be excellent. It tells you what not to do next time. What pitfalls to avoid going forward and how to focus your work going forward. Failure is the best teacher you could possible have. EMBRACE it.

You will hate the hours. You will miss your friends. You will work too much. Your spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend will wonder if you can actually talk about anything but work. You will wonder what happened to you. You will fantasize about life/work balance and begin to believe it is a lie other people talk about to taunt you.

You will wonder why you ever decided to do this thing. What’s the point? You will ask a million times. You will ponder life, the universe and everything for 15 seconds and then realize you have a to-do list a mile long and don’t have time for pondering. You will get *this* close to burning out. Several times. You may in fact burn out. Several times.

You will want to quit. Quite possibly daily, for long stretches of time. You will hate the hours, the work environment, everything for a few minutes every single day. You will fantasize about staying home and raising babies. You will wish for a steady paycheck, a salary, and a mere 40-hour work week.


You will be exactly where you should be. Running a business is like marriage or raising kids. There will be days you wonder why you did this.

But more days then not, you will love it. Just do what you love. Chase hard after your dream. It is worth it.

Commitment. Stamina. Hard-fucking-work. Those are all requirements. Not suggestions. You must have them to make it. You must be willing to be uncomfortable. For long periods of time.

The ones that succeed. The ones who make enough money to pay the bills and accomplish their dreams? They stuck it out. And it was worth it. A million little times and a few really big ones. They will tell you it was probably all worth it.

Go ahead. Start your own business. Go it on your own or with a partner.

But be warned. You will hate it some days. It will seem impossible some days. You will feel like you’re failing a lot, especially at first.

And if you can live with that – then congrats. Welcome to the world with all the other crazies. We’re happy to have you. Pull up a chair, sit on down and get to work.