Knitting for men ain’t easy

My friend Jenny is a pretty awesome lady. I could list the ways, but you know, it would sound like I was bragging about how cool my friends are (well, okay, so they are pretty cool), so to avoid going on at length, let’s say she’s a designer.

Knitting is a pretty amazing thing on it’s own. Take yarn, follow a pattern and using 2 to 5 needles, you get an object that’s pretty and often wearable.

Jenny goes beyond that and makes the patterns that knitters use to create this delightful treats of softness. She spends hours checking stitch patterns, working through directions with test knitters, and asking me the occasional odd questions like, “Does this fit your hand?” and “Will your boyfriend model for me?” all while homeschooling and chasing her two little ones around.

Knitting for other people isn’t easy. Knitting for men? Even harder because no dude wants to wear something girly, and let’s admit it now, most knitwear is pretty feminine. How to make something masculine enough and still show of the beauty of the yarn? It’s a tricky question.

The answer to which Jenny has clearly nailed in her recently released Soft Structure pattern.

After finishing a couple, she asked me if the handsome fella I’m in love with would mind letting her take some pictures. I told her I’d ask… after some conversation with him, I got back to her, he could do it. She asked me the morning of their scheduled shoot if I could do it too, as she thinks the cowl looks nice on women too and I was happy to help.

As you can see above, it’s a gorgeous piece of knitwear.

We also got some awesome pictures and had a blast with Jenny.

I currently have my very own sitting at home, with my heavy jacket, just waiting for a cool enough day to wear it. It looks a lot like the one pictured. It’s gorgeous, and not too girly. I like it as an alternative to my more flowy scarves.

It’s a beautiful knit, and if you’re a knitter, I highly recommend it for anyone on your list, but especially that hard to knit for man. It was approved as “manly” enough by both my love and Jenny’s, which is saying a lot.

You can pick up this gorgeous pattern, and Jenny’s directions for Easy Graft (totally worth checking out on it’s own) on PatternFish, Ravelry, or Etsy.

You can check out the rest of her stuff at zJonquil or follow her on Twitter @zJonquil. The woman does amazing work.


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  1. Boy – no kidding. And designing for men is even harder! I have been knitting for years and I have yet to knit something my man will wear. I will have to follow your link and check it out. I am always on the hunt for the perfect Man Knit. 🙂

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