An update, for those who are wondering

It’s been a rough few months.

I remain beyond broke.

I am, yes, finally, forcing myself to go visit social services next week. My Fibromyalgia specialist says it’s extremely uncommon for patients with only this diagnosis to get disability. I continue to hope, and have found an organization that may be able to help me. We’ll see.

(meanwhile, should you wish to help, the donation box on the sidebar still works. I need meds and my phone bill is due. I would be deeply grateful. /begging)

I’ve changed medicines a lot, and currently am adjusting to a new one. It helps me sleep, but the pain the previous med was helping with has returned, and I am in a lot of pain – not intense pain, but constant low-grade pain. I find it to be primarily annoying. Also, the new med has been providing me with deeply strange dreams, and I am hoping those fade with time.

For more updates on my health situation and my work on my book, I recommend you check out and take a peek at things there.

I have actively started on the book. I have a solid outline, a couple pages of intro written and a lot of research to do. I am going to, hopefully, get my surveys up this week, so people can start filling them out.

I have four workshops coming up. Three at Levine’s Children Hospital at CMC for staff about how to use massage, yoga & meditation to help support families. The fourth will be open to the public at Be Yoga about Mediation & Yoga for Chronic Pain & Illness. That will be on June, 18, 2011 and I’ll post more about that as it gets finalized and I have exact time & cost.

I am seeking, less desperately then before, for a new meaning and purpose. I need to do something with my days, and it is often difficult to do so. However, I know that I do not have to produce to be a valuable person. I can, you know, be of value just in and of myself.

I remind myself of this daily. It is hard though.

I hope that this book offers me the meaning I need. I have found a wonderful group of fellow Spoonie on twitter, and I am happy to be supported and supportive there. I am excited about the chance I have of connecting with others, and finding ways to improve not only my life, but those of others, even if it is no longer in a hands on way.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on here. I hope you are well, happy, and blessed.