And Three Months Later…

Howdy friends, I know it’s been quiet here.

I’ve actually been thinking about a couple post on Charlotte stuff that will go here once they’re finished.

What have I been up to? Going to doctors, getting a zillion tests, racking up more medical debt then bankruptcy court is gonna believe, and taking pills that have damn near tried to kill me. It’s been fun times.

Other then that?

Ben got me a kitten named Zelda. She is adorable, black and 1/5 the size of Monster. It’s several kinds of awesome to watch them play together.

I’ve been getting out as much as possible. Thankfully Charlotte lacks not at all in free, awesome things to do. We went to Shakespeare on The Green with Sarah Shumway and her lovely fellow. We’ve been off to the White Water Center, and are heading back tonight with friends. I have learned how to manage in the heat, in spite of my health.

I’ve spent time with my friends as much as possible, but everyone’s schedule are super busy. Ben took me with him to Durham for a week, so I got to get out of town and go to a game, a show and hang out with some awesome folks up there.

I taught a workshop at Be Yoga on Yoga & Meditation for Chronic Pain. I’m officially writing my book. Progress is being made.

I filed for Foodstamps, Medicaid and am working on my SSDI (disability) application. I have preciously $3.96 to my name, and I plan to spend it on one Lyrica pill. My life looks fucking miserable on paper. So I try really hard not to look at it there, doing say would depress me beyond measure.

My doctors have basically called “Uncle” on my body and we’re doing one last round of tests with the Neurologist. Details on that particular joyride are here.

I submitted a talk to this fall’s Ignite Talks, so hopefully, you’ll see me there.

Want to keep up with other stuff? You can find me on Google+, of course. Or check out my health blog at Painy Days & Mondays.