Update on Things

I have so much I want to write here, and so very little energy to do so.

Ignite Charlotte was, mostly, wonderful. Hopscotch was very cool. I want to tell you about them.

But right now, my focus remains on my health.

For a full update, you can check out Painy Days & Mondays, here’s an excerpt my latest post:

I am sitting here, shaking with frustration and rage.

Earlier, I was in tears, sobbing into Ben’s shoulder, wanting nothing more then to melt into a puddle that doesn’t have to deal with this fucking disaster that is my health. He couldn’t tell me it would be okay, or that we’d figure this out. Because, you know, maybe it won’t and maybe we can’t.

I feel so many emotions: anger, frustration, despair, hope, gratitude, love, faith, terror… and those are the ones I can name.