White Bean & Quinoa Soup

Before we get deep into this, I’m going to give you fair warning: I don’t follow recipes and thus it is nigh impossible for me to write them. This is true for me in almost all endeavors, from knitting & crocheting, to Legos, to cooking. I will follow the instructions the first time if it’s something very new to me, but generally, I just dive in. Complicated things, like baking and making clothing, I might follow directions twice, but to make sure I know what I’m doing.

However, I believe recipes and directions are GUIDELINES.

I beg of you to see all of my recipes as guidelines. Then use science, your palate and your passion to make it your own. If something is really critical, I will explain why I insist you do it, but still, feel free to try it differently, you may be smarter/luckier/better at this then I am. /disclaimer

Now, this is one of the easiest soup to make. Seriously. You can make it the lazy person way or the totally from scratch way, your call, but still? Easy peasy!

What you’ll need:

4 cups chicken or veg stock (I used homemade stock, boxed is acceptable)
12-16 ounces of white beans (I’ve used organic canned & dried, both work)*
1/3 cup quinoa (rinsed if needed, I usually buy prerinsed)
A couple leaves of kale (I like curly leaf, but whatever type works)
salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme to taste

In a saucepot or soup pot big enough bring the stock to a simmer, add white beans. While that cooks on a low simmer tear up your kale leaves in small chunks (discarding the stem, which I save with freezer veg for stock). Once those all done, add them. Yes, early, they need some time too cook. Once those are added season the soup with rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper as you like.

If using soaked white bean, continue simmering until beans are almost cooked, if using canned beans, let them heat through. Then add the quinoa. Let cook for another 10-15 minutes until quinoa is done, you’ll know it’s done because they’ll plump up and grow little tails.

Taste again. Add additional seasoning if needed.

Makes 4-6 servings depending on your serving size. I’ll eat it as 3-4 meals.

My total cook time using premade stock from the freezer, canned organic white bean, kale, and prerinsed quinoa was less then 30 minutes. Easy, gluten free, allergy safe (for me) that is tasty & happens to freeze well.

I make this fairly often as its easy, inexpensive & safe to eat. It is good way to get a balanced meal.

Any questions? Let me know if you try it & how it goes?