Mac & (Goat) Cheese

I, like many others with Native American ancestry, am lactose intolerant. I was violently so as a baby. Growing up I was subjected to Lactaid Milk and Lactaid tablets and drops and powders and whatever other evil concoctions they made in the 80’s. I still carry the tablets in my purse, for the occasional ice cream or feta splurge or necessity. (Eating out with allergies & intolerances as vast and complex as mine is not what one would call ‘easy’.)

I also have a few friends who are allergic to the protein in cow dairy, casein. Interestingly, I learned from my allergist that only about 10% of folks are allergic to multiple dairy proteins. Which means that many folks who can’t have stuff from a cow can have dairy from goat or sheep or whatever other critter. Cool, huh? This is when she urged me to consume as much goat milk as I could safe get in my body to regain weight I’d lost.

I never made cream sauces before, thinking they were hard and I would somehow screw them up. I have no idea where this misconception came from, but it had a strong hold in my head until someone shared this brilliant avocado mac & cheese recipe with me. After making it successfully, I realized, wait, I could make just plain mac & cheese. And lo, here you have this recipe:

plain, simple mac & cheese

And before we get into the saucy section of this recipe, note, I have a wicked mold allergy. I select cheeses that are cultured with vegetable rennets, never use blue cheeses (which means they’re almost always gluten free) and tend to focus on cheeses that are aged. If you do not have a mold allergy or gluten issues, feel free to use whatever kind of cheese you like. Heck, if you can have regular dairy, feel free to use that.

Reminder: These are general guidelines. Cream sauce is not chemistry. We’re not canning or baking, feel free to improvise and play around. If you want specific directions, this is not the recipe for you.

Mac & Cheese
Serves:2-4 (or 6 if this is a side and your stingy with your starches)

Pasta of choice (I am super in LOVE with Jovial Foods rice pasta.)

1 tablespoon of goat butter
1 tablespoon of flour or starch to thicken sauce (I use gluten free oat flour)
1 cup of goat milk
1-2 cups of shredded goat cheese (I generally use cheddar, sometimes some soft cheese. Depends on what I have on hand. Start with 1 cup, you can always add more to make it thicker.)

Put on water for pasta, prep as you normally do.

Meanwhile, in sauce pan, melt butter over medium/low-medium heat. Using a whisk, add flour to butter – it will seem like a kind of brown, clumpy paste. This is fine. Then slowly add the milk while continuing to whisk. (or be honest, add the first part slowly, then dump the last half in.)

Whisk in handfuls of shredded cheese at a time until cheese sauce reaches your desired thickness.

Somewhere in there you should have cooked your pasta. At this point I usually just dump my drained pasta directly into the sauce, though, sometimes I dish the pasta into each bowl (it is generally a meal unto itself here) and then pour appropriate amounts of sauce over the top. Then I pack the rest up into the fridge for later.

Mac & Cheese with (the very last I ever had) peas & blueberry juice

~ if, like me, this is your main meal, feel free to add things such as broccoli, peas, mushrooms, meat, whatever you like
~ you could do this any flour or starch to thicken, should oats not settle well with you
~ I use quinoa pasta sometimes to get extra protein
~ this, in theory, should work with sheep milk or horse or whatever else

Questions? Worries? Success?

Good luck & let me know how it goes!


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