Salmon & Avocado Pasta

Sunday, in an attempt to get more protein in my diet, salmon was acquired at Trader Joes. (Note, if you are a celiac or wheat allergic, don’t do this with their fresh salmon. They process it on equipment shared with wheat. It was enough that my body was SUPER not happy. Of course, I may be allergic to salmon, but I’ll be testing that later to find out.)

After that I stood in my kitchen, staring at my pantry, pondering what the heck to do with the salmon. I haven’t eaten a ton of fish, for a number of allergy related reasons, but as I’ve been severely short on protein, I’m trying it now. After taking stock of what I had on hand, I thought, “Ohh! Pasta! Avocado!”

So I whipped this up on the fly, and it was tasty – so tasty it was had for dinner two nights in a row. So I’m sharing with you. This is seriously easy too, because I was physically miserably and totally able to cook this.

Salmon & Avocado Pasta
Serves: 2 (double to serve 4)
MyFitnessPal estimated this at about 490 calories per serving with my ingredients

6 oz (ish) salmon filet
1 avocado
4 oz (dried) pasta (I used Jovial Foods brown rice fusilli)
Olive oil (Trader Joe’s Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Salt (kosher)

Put water on to boil for pasta. Meanwhile, decide how to cook the fish. I steamed it, because that’s easiest (I steamed both filets at once) but if you don’t have a steamer, go ahead and broil or cook in a pan, or whathaveyou. I added salt and a squeeze of lemon juice to the steaming water.

While the fish is cooking, cut the avocado in half, peel it and then place the avocado halves flat sides down & cut into bite size bits. (edited to add: or do it as mentioned in the comments below.) Set aside (and, if your cat is like Zelda, place a water bottle strategically nearby to protect it from cat nabbing – Zelda loves avocado.)

When the pasta is done, drain, do not rinse and dowse with (approximately) 4 tablespoons of olive oil. (Mine has a spout, so I just pour generously enough to coat everything.) Toss on a dash of fresh black pepper, a couple teaspoons of salt, and a couple teaspoons of thyme.

Your fish should be done by now (and you should have stopped it when it was – keep an eye on these things!) and take a fork to the filet and flake off hunks of salmon. Mix them into the pasta. Stir them all about til you have a good, even mix. Serve up into two bowl. Top them with the avocado.

Serve with forks & eat.


  • You could add other flavors. I would possibly add a little rosemary. (But only a little Alex, don’t get heavy handed, mister.)
  • This could be lovely with an infused olive oil, like garlic or basil. And I imagine this could be heavenly with fresh basil instead of thyme. I may try that next time.
  • On twitter, someone mentioned adding lemon – that sounds lovely! My olive oil is very lemony already, so I could see that as a nice addition.
  • This meal is heavy in fats, I know. But good, Omega3 style fats, but it’s also heavy in protein – as I made it, almost 12g. Trust me, it won’t utterly destroy your diet if you actually use brown rice pasta. I don’t vouch for you if you use white processed wheat stuff.
  • The thing I like about this dish is it’s insanely light and simple. Pasta with three flavors and olive oil. Even a really sick girl can make it. It’s also crazy tasty.
  • If you need a tip on how to get an avocado apart, search for Alton Brown’s directions from Good Eats, there should be video. Essentially you cut it in half, pop the knife into the seed, twist it out, scoop the green out, and poof, all done!

Go forth and make this. Let me know how you like it. Tell me if it’s tasty to you too. I want to know.

Are you people eating these recipes? Are you liking them? Are they tasty? Do they need work? Do I need to be clearer in my directions? Help me help you.


2 thoughts on “Salmon & Avocado Pasta

  1. Sounds tasty. Salmon is my favorite fish. I like to cut my avocados in half, pop out the seed, dice it in the peel (being careful not to cut into the peel itself) and scoop out the bite-sized pieces with a spoon. 🙂

    • I do that sometimes… This time I was looking for even sized pieces, but however you want to do it – go for it! Tasty no matter how you do it. 🙂

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