Summer who?

Hi, I’m Summer Plum.

Yes, Plum really is my last name.

I was the proprietress of Felicitea – a hand-blended tea & massage studio in Charlotte, NC. There I blended teas and aimed to help people find a taste of happiness in today’s crazy world. I loved my job. Due to health issues I had to close up shop in the Spring of 2011.

My mission in life is to bring happiness to people – through tea, massage, food, games and whatever else I can offer. My purpose is to facilitate supportive, healthy community. I love people and helping them connect in helpful and happy ways.

I decided to repurpose this blog a little: I love food, but am allergic to ALL THE THINGS. Really. So, here I will share food experiments, ideas, and trials as well as, I hope, posts about the stuff I do in Boston and other stuff, like I did before. I am attempting to reclaim a little bit of life for me – back from my illnesses and allergies. This will be the home for sharing those stories.