Allergy-safe Cooking

In September of 2009, I started having stabbing pains on my right side, a sign of, what turned out to be, ulcers. Two ulcers, in fact, and my second go with the blasted things. (I’d had one when I was 7.)

I’ve had GI issues my whole life, sometimes worse, sometimes better. I knew I was lactose intolerant, much like my father’s ancestors, and that I had a few known allergies: lavender, coconut, mango, tilapia, mollusks, mold, and something else which is currently eluding me  as now I know I am allergic to ALL THE THINGS.

Seriously. The list of what I can have is significantly shorter then the list of what I can’t.

My allergy list, currently*:

  • Rye – cross allergic to all gluten. This gets me listed as “gluten sensitive.”
  • Buckwheat
  • Sulfites – I am very sulfite sensitive and react at really low part per million levels. I can’t even smell maple syrup or onions or my lungs start trying to shut down. This removes refined sugar, cornstarch, maple syrup, beet sugar, grapes, all alcohol, pectin, gelatin, vinegar, and a number of other odd things from my diet.
  • Latex – cross allergic to most latex fruits, except avocado – pineapple, kiwi, banana,
  • Legumes – soy, peanuts, peas, lima beans are all way out.
  • Tree nuts – except for walnuts – are all out
  • Birch, Flibert & Pecan – I also have oral allergy syndrome, which is a cross allergy issue with birch, which crosses a whole slew of stuff off my list. I can’t have raw apple, but I can consume it, safely, cooked.
  • Stone fruits – peaches, pears, plums, etc.
  • Mango, cashew, pistachio – super out.
  • Shellfish is now all out – lobster is a maybe, but I’m choosing to skip it. Seaweed is out, as a cross-contamination risk.
  • Mold – I’m super mold sensitive, so only cheeses with vegetable rennet are allowed.
  • Tuna, Tilapia, and any other high sulfur content fishes. (I generally stick to fresh water fish, if I have fish at all.)
  • Nightshades: potato, tomato, peppers, eggplant, cherry, tobacco
  • Tropical fruits – the acid in these eat at my mouth & throat
  • Carrots – this is really awful, I get a crazy rash and have intense pain for weeks.
  • Cranberries
  • Artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners all tend to make me ill or give me migraines
  • MSG gives me neurological symptoms & migraines

I also have problem processing proteins from animal meat, so I limit those, while we try to figure out how to get that sorted out. Or I was, until I recently removed legumes, and now am having a major protein deficit. We’re working on this.

My recipes will be mostly free of the above stuff. I’ll add notes when they can be added in, or if a recipe was written before something was taken out or added back in. I have a few awesome bean soups and salads that I can’t eat anymore – but you can, so I’ll share them with you.


*My allergist and I are still working through my elimination diet – some of the above items may be able to be added back in, but to be honest, I’m not terribly hopeful. But I will keep trying. At this point we’re just desperately trying to get weight on my body.


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